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Automated Data Capture Solutions

Organizations continuously try to improve operations through increased efficiency and optimization. To ensure staff are as efficient as possible, management need to ensure their knowledge workers are focused on the tasks that require their decision-making skills, not manual data entry.

COSEKE’s automated data entry solutions using OCR and OMR technologies empowers staff to work faster and more efficiently by automating manual data entry tasks.

Benefits of a Data Capture Solution

Reduced Cost

By automating content capture, COSEKE helps reduce labor costs associated with shipping documents across the country and manually keying data into your systems when those documents arrive. Then, with paper and data captured in a single electronic location, your organization eliminates the cost of storing all that information, whether in filing cabinets that take up space or rented property across town.

COSEKE’s software also automates data validation, communicating with your other databases to check the information entering your organization is correct as it comes in, reducing costly mistakes downstream. For example, as accounting departments receive invoices, OCR software automatically matches the information it pulls against existing purchase order information in your accounting or ERP system. With accurate information immediately in hand, staff are assured that the payments are made accurately and on time.

Accelerated Business Processes

COSEKE’s automatic data capture technologies push updated, accurate information into your back-end systems, leveraging the investment you already made in those systems and ensuring employees have the information they need when and where they need it

Improved Accuracy

Protect access of critical and sensitive data as well as eliminate human errors associated with manual data entry. Automatic data entry has high levels of accuracy. Immediate, accurate information not only reduces the time spent searching for content, but also the time spent reviewing and correcting it, accelerating business.