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Sharing and Securing Data Amongst a Team.

A storage server is a wonderful way of sharing common data amongst a team or group of people. These servers being connected to a network helps users connected to the network to store files and other relevant information in the servers.

We at COSEKE have partnered with the leading industry manufacturers of storage servers (NetApp) to provide you with very reliable, speedy servers which have a unified storage architecture, that provides cost-effective ways to store larger volumes of data while cutting down power and cooling costs considerably. Additionally, many organizations want to take advantage of a virtualized server infrastructure which our servers support thus increase Storage Efficiencies, which can significantly reduce storage utilization.

Most organizations need more than data storage; they need data management and our servers have answers to that through bringing key data management technologies to data centres. These technologies include Thin Provisioning, Deduplication, Flexclones, Snapshots.


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