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Empower Your Process Experts to do More

Organizational processes that force predefined workflows and rigid rules to be applied in every situation can waste time, frustrate both employees and customers, and require costly customizations as operational and information system realities change.

Giving knowledge workers the freedom to choose the optimal path to resolve a problem or case is essential in organizations that offer many different products or services in a dynamic environment where the risk of failure or noncompliance is high.

  1. Inefficiency of knowledge work: Most of a knowledge worker’s time is spent finding and combining relevant information—an expensive process when it wastes their time.
  2. Lack of case context: Your staff needs access to all relevant information, no matter how many different sub-processes a case spans, to understand the complete case context.
  3. Case variance: The information needed to complete a specific request and the process to retrieve necessary information may be different for every case.
  4. Need for collaboration: You need to bring together different experts, often from multiple locations, to complete a case without breaching privacy restrictions.
  5. Compliance challenges: While knowledge workers need freedom to mold a process to their customer’s needs, you can’t risk setting aside compliance rules.
  6. Performance monitoring: Key performance metrics for knowledge worker processes are often unavailable, or scattered throughout different information systems.

The challenges of managing processes in such an environment are clear.

COSEKE’s Case Management software brings flexibility to your work environment and gives your staff the ability to work smarter, while fully maintaining compliance, system security, and the ability to monitor performance. Through the use of case management software, employees can access and control subcases, both structured and unstructured processes, tasks and content. Features include:

  1. Case control: Users define the contents of their cases and flexibly choose the optimal process path within their processes, with appropriate restrictions based on a user’s role.
  2. Data driven: External system updates, like information entry in web forms, instantly creates process status updates.
  3. Work distribution separation: Flexibly change distribution of work without changing the process definition—ideal for applying the same process in several locations of different size, focus or experience levels.
  4. Process Intelligence: Built-in features for process mining, process monitoring and visual analytics help you monitor, analyse and improve your operations.
  5. Complete Process Support: Build process applications that support end-to-end processes involving people, systems and available data.
  6. Integration: The included Integration Framework provides a complete integration environment to connect enterprise systems and external case data. This allows COSEKE’s Process Case Management software to support the entire spectrum of Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects from architecture design through staging, development and testing, deployment, and ongoing monitoring of system integrations.
  7. Flexible process execution: Choose either a process execution that’s fully automated standard workflow, or human-intensive case management
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