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OnBoard is the World’s most Intuitive Board Portal Software Solution.

OnBoard began with the idea that a technology-driven boardroom could operate seamlessly. We designed a board portal that anyone can use to effortlessly create, update, and distribute paperless board books with just a few clicks of a mouse. We created an iPad app, android app, windows and Microsoft app so board members without a technical background can intuitively navigate, annotate, and search their board books during their meeting or when on the go.

Purpose built with a powerful yet minimalistic design.
OnBoard removes the stress of board meetings so you can focus on your business

  1. One compiled book
  2. Annotation Tools
  3. Agenda Driven Meetings
  4. Attendance Tool
  5. Smart Navigation
  6. Intuitive Book Creation
  7. Detailed Meetings
  8. ROI Calculator
  1. Encrypted Data in Transit
  2. Encrypted Data at Rest
  3. Data Compliance
  4. 24-hour Continuous Monitoring
  5. Intrusion Detection and DDoS Protection
  6. Complete Antivirus/Anti-Malware Protection
  1. Breach Monitoring
  2. Incident Response
  3. Passwords are stored with SHA 256
  4. Asymmetric Public and Private Key
  5. Granular Access Permission Model
  6. Remote Wipe
  7. Biometric Touch ID security
  8. Offline Pin
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