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Customisable Human Resources Information System to Meet your Needs.

COSEKE’s positions Orange HRM solution  (ORANGEHRMS) as our main HRM solution for the East and Central African Markets.

OrangeHRM is the world’s most popular and used open source human resource management system and a pioneering online HRM management software. The open source OrangeHRM product suite includes an array of modules that provide personal information management (PIM), employee self-service (ESS), leave management, time and attendance tracking (PTO), performance evaluation and recruitment, all at no cost. Today OrangeHRM is being used by over a million users around the world, while larger multinationals have used the open source version and customized the system to meet their human resource management standards & requirements.

OrangeHRM was started during fall 2005 and the first beta release was made in January 2006. Ever since OrangeHRM has been embraced by its community and is continuously improved by the help of a receptive and knowledgeable worldwide open source community.

The HRMS can help organizations carry out the following functions:

  • Management of all employee information.
  • Reporting and analysis of employee information.
  • Handling of company-related documents such as employee handbooks, emergency evacuation procedures, and safety guidelines.
  • Benefits administration including enrolment, status changes, and personal information updating.
  • Complete integration with payroll and other company financial software and accounting systems.
  • Applicant tracking and resume management.

COSEKE’s HRMS has the following functionalities and Modules

  • Attendance and Paid Time Off (PTO) use
  • Pay raises and related history
  • Pay grades and positions held
  • Performance development plans
  • Training received
  • Disciplinary action received
  • Personal employee information
  • Management and key employee succession plans
  • High potential employee identification among others

An effective HRIS provides information on just about anything the company needs to track and analyse about employees, former employees, applicants and managers can access the information they need to legally, ethically, and effectively support the success of their reporting employees COSEKE can customize a Human Resources Information System to meet your needs.


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