COSEKE Unveils an In House Built C-One Software to Private School Owners

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COSEKE Kenya participated in an event hosted in Mombasa by Private Schools Owners Association. The annual event brings together over 1000 school owners, managers and other stakeholders.

We provided a practical set of resources that will assist members of the education community in addressing related issues of electronic records management, e-discovery, and data retention on their own campuses. As you may be aware, schools administrators are required to keep some records. The retention of many records, however, is optional, although in many cases highly recommended.

Certain records are retained or archived to meet legal and fiscal requirements or future administrative needs, or because of historical significance.

The retention period for some records is determined by legal or system requirements. For other records retention periods are determined by practice, precedent or accountability. We engaged them by welcoming them to the booth and taking them through scanning process and how it integrates with C-one on cloud.

C-ONE is a Java™ based application development platform used to add Web-based work management capabilities to applications. These capabilities enable businesses to automate diverse business processes, manage their data, and streamline their business operations. C-ONE is implemented using the Sun™ Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) Enterprise Java Beans™ (EJB™). An intuitive user interface includes tools that provide administrative, application design, query, and process functions.

Capabilities Using the C-ONE tools, developers can implement the following core work management capabilities: Case Management, Process Management, and Content Management. Additionally, applications can access data stored in external repositories by using C-ONE Enterprise Document Access Connectors. The C-ONE capabilities can be implemented individually or they can be combined to provide a highly integrated system.

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