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Digitization Services

Scanning. Such a mundane activity, yet so necessary to safeguard the security and maintain the integrity of documents and data in organizations. Currently in Kenya there are organizations older than the nation, that store millions of hard copy documents.

Coseke Kenya has bridged the gap to bring these organizations to the digital age in terms of their document storage and retrieval. The documents are scanned into searchable PDF for ease of finding specific information in individual documents. To optimize on size the data is compressed to lessen the weight of the documents to save on storage space, while still maintaining the integrity of the information.

We have a dedicated team whose mandate is to digitize all your organization’s documents with utmost discretion and professionalism, while training your staff on how to do it, moving forward.

Digitize Your World

Book Scanners

Book scanners make it possible to digitize bound material with extremely high processing speeds. Book scanners have a unique book Cradles for microfilm cameras and book scanners which leave no requirements unfulfilled in terms of user-friendliness and protection of original documents. They have the capacity to create exact images every time even when digitizing the most sensitive material.

Combined with lighting systems that operate without UV radiation, both the original document and the operator are protected. Books, maps and historical writings can be perfectly preserved for future generations. Highly adapted to the operator’s needs, book scanners are offered for formats from DIN A3+ to DIN A0.

Zeta Zeutschel Book Scanner
1. Compact, functional and revolutionary design
2. Easy installation thanks to plug’n’scan
3. Convenient operation
4. Independent of ambient light
5. No glare for users
6. Touch panel with multi-touch technology
7. Brilliant color rendering
8. High scanning speed
9. Short scanning cycles

Departmental Document Scanners

Do you work in a busy law firm, insurance claims department, human resource group or government office? Does your daily activity involve scanning documents to business applications, MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT or shared networked folders? Streamline and automate your document management processes with our departmental scanners and benefit from the productivity gains and cost-savings.

Desktop Document Scanners

Desktop scanners are small, quiet, quick, intelligently designed and connect easily to your office systems. They are perfect for small offices and individual users where ad hoc scanning and customer-facing business transactions are part of your daily routine.

Map Scanners

Zeutshel Map Scanners are easy to use and are capable of scanning from A4 to A0.

Micrographic Readers / Scanners

This is another type of conversion, microform to digital. This is done using an optical scanner that projects the film onto a CCD array and captures it in a raw digital format. Until recently, since the different types of microform are dissimilar in shape and size, the scanners were usually able to handle only one type of microform at a time.

There are some scanners that have the possibility of swapping modules for the different microform types and the latest viewer/scanner can accept any microform (roll, fiche, opaque cards, fiche, and/or aperture cards). Software (normally on the scanner itself, but more recently in an attached PC) is then used to convert the raw capture into a standard image format for archival.

Network Scanners

Network scanners turn documents into actionable information. Scan documents directly to your business process or application without a PC and get information into your workflow quickly and easily. Scan to applications, email, fax servers, network folders, FTP sites, and more!

Production Document Scanners

Do you process huge volumes of documents such as invoices, insurance claims or loan applications? Are you looking for a reliable, robust and affordable high-speed scanner for your centralized operation? Our production scanners redefine productivity, versatility and reliability. They’re ready to tackle the most demanding high-volume requirements.