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Managing Your Information Electronically Has Many Benefits, but How Do You Get Started?

COSEKE being pioneers and leaders in Document Management Software in East Africa, we have successfully implemented over 400 projects in the region.
COSEKE’s Electronic Document Management Software easily captures both structured and unstructured information from any digital source and stores it in a centralized repository. This allows users to search, edit and share information collected from various sources from within a single application.
With the experience of more than 24 years, COSEKE has become the preferred vendor for corporations of all sizes who are increasingly realizing that Electronic Document Management adds value to their businesses by enabling users to efficiently manage their information assets as a matter of utmost importance.

How will it Save your Money?

Many of the financial benefits of document management relate to making organizations more effective, improving project coordination, reducing time spent searching for or duplicating information, and improving the quality of decision making. However, there can also be benefits from improvements to the workflow process – speeding up document routing, shortening cycle-times, preventing delays and errors while improving customer satisfaction. Document management is most beneficial when it replaces paper-based document-driven processes.

Document Management Software

We provide web-based hosted services leveraging the power of an ECM solution in any organization.

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Data Capture

We have a separate department dedicated to offsite scanning projects.

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Automated Data Capture

Our data entry solutions  empowers staff to work faster and more efficiently.

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Records Management Solutions

Information Management is part of a complete process and content management framework.

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Document Imaging & Scanners

We have a variety of scanners that make it possible to digitize bound material.

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Physical Archiving Solutions

We offer structural ways for archiving and easily accessing your documents.

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