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These are electrically powered shelves. Units normally have a small AC or DC motor hidden in the base that automatically moves the units when a single button is pressed. High-end versions connect into archiving databases, and using RFID allows the easy retrieval of archived items with auto-open and close functions.

This intelligent mobile storage system will change the way you work. A computerized control sets a new standard for setup, safety, and flexibility. Organization entities facing storage space and compliance have already discovered that computerized shelves can help them bring tighter security for patient record filing. Changing access and security privileges is simple. Programmable transponders eliminate the need for system keys, locks, codes, and expensive training.

Additionally, when the weight of items stored on the mobile carriage is either increased or decreased, the change will automatically be detected by the controller and the carriage running and stopping speeds will be instantaneously adjusted to meet the new weight load.

In the today’s world documents are growing and growing. Each document spawns more difficult in handling: replies, attachments that have to be cross-referenced. Slowly the amount of storage space and retrieval time in office is shrinking while the piles are growing.

The High-Density Manual Assist Mobile Shelving and Storage System from Spacesaver. Sometimes you have stuff that you don’t need to get to that often. For small spaces with limited activity a manual-assist mobile system is just right for the job. It’s easy to move, easy to use, and easy on your wallet. Slide after slide, this high-density mobile system makes the most of your available space.

For smaller areas with limited access, a manual mobile storage system gives you a space-saving and cost-effective option. Similar to other mobile storage systems, almost any type of storage housing can be mounted to a manual mobile system carriage. Ergonomic handles allow you to move the carriages from left to right to create your aisle. Easy to reach, waist-high locks provide basic security, and limit unauthorized user access to an individual aisle, a group of aisles, or the entire system.

The low-profile rail system is engineered to mount flush with the finished floor. To ensure a proper match with the rest of the environment, system decks and ramps can be covered with virtually any flooring material. A variety of guidance systems are available to reduce friction and facilitate smoother tracking of the carriages.

This type is easy for assembly and disassembly by its special structure (no screw or bolt is used). Surface treatment with powder coating, with a loading range between 300kg and 800kg. Steel panel, plywood and medium density panel is used for different requirements Tailored service can be available according to a customer’s requirements

Mobile storage systems are usually constructed with a rotary handle on the exterior accessible face. When rotated, the handle operates the mechanism which winds the single, connected, filing unit either left or right, depending on a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the handle. In an office, for example, several stacks of moveable filing cabinets may be accommodated in a limited space.

Drive mechanisms vary; traditionally systems were offered with chain drive but modern technology allows belt drive systems which provide smooth, quiet operation.

Although the “bays of shelving” that sit on the mobile chassis come in many standard sizes, they can be mixed to create run lengths of shelving to maximize the room length.

The tracks can be installed onto many different types of floor and on different levels. The tracks themselves can either have a false floor running in between so that the tracks do not become a trip hazards or they can be put into the floor (usually concrete floor) or have a small ramp either side of the tracks, either option gives you a hazard free floor and track system

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