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We Have Successfully Implemented Over 400 Projects in the Region.

COSEKE being pioneers and leaders in Document Management Solutions in East Africa, we have successfully implemented over 400 projects in the region.

COSEKE’s Electronic Document Management System easily captures both structured and unstructured information from any digital source and stores it in a centralized repository. This allows users to search, edit and share information collected from various sources from within a single application.

With the experience of more than 24 years, COSEKE has become the preferred vendor for corporations of all sizes who are increasingly realizing that Electronic Document Management adds value to their businesses by enabling users to efficiently manage their information assets as a matter of utmost imp Biometric Equipment.

EC SDN Solutions are IT and Network integrated solutions realized through NEC’s advanced technologies Safe, Secure, High Quality, and Robust, NEC SDN Solutions simply and flexibly support customers’ needs and the creation of new business.

NEC SDN Solutions are IT and Network integrated solutions realized through NEC’s advanced technologies Safe, Secure, High Quality, and Robust, NEC SDN Solutions simply and flexibly support customers’ needs and the creation of new business.

Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner, a new-generation fingerprint and finger vein hybrid multi-modal scanner, is an integrated unit that utilizes NEC’s original finger data capturing method. This multi-modal solution offers both high accuracy and the ability to capture fingerprints in wide-ranging situations.

NEC Corporation is pleased to introduce its Portable DNA Analyzer, a state-of-the-art solution employing best-of-breed technologies from NEC Research Laboratories, Japan. NEC has long provided leading-edge identification systems to clients around the world and this new customized solution is built on standard modules incorporating NEC’s latest products and technologies.

Demand for DNA identification is growing:

  • Rising demand for DNA analysis and identification request in criminal cases
  • Faster, more accurate tools for solving complex crimes
  • Rising demand for faster DNA analysis and throughput


  • Compact for improved portability
  • Lab-on-a-chip Technology
  • Full analysis in only 25 minutes
  • Simple DNA analysis process

In many situations, facial recognition has great advantages over other biometrics solutions. It enables to recorded and archived at a distance, act as a crime deterrent, and help identify a person in real-time.

Face recognition technology requires no contact with the target, making it convenient for wide-ranging applications.

NEC’s NeoFace® is the world’s fastest and most accurate facial matching product which has been adopted by organizations in more than 20 countries throughout the world, including police forces, immigration offices, and amusement facilities.

These standard biometrics terminal captures passengers’ fingerprints and facial images at security points in airports and seaports. It includes one or two fingerprint sensors, a monitor with built-in height-adjustable camera, built-in speakers that provide simple voice guidance, and a mirror.

Designed for capturing the fingerprints and facial images of disabled people at airports and seaports, this terminal feature compact dimensions and an adjustable height that make it ideal for use in small spaces. It features two compact fingerprint sensors, a detachable camera with built-in lamp, a flexible, height-adjustable 90cm arm (upper 60cm is adjustable) and USB hub.

Easy to carry and connect with notebook computers, these portable biometrics terminal is ideal for capturing fingerprints and facial images at seaports and aboard vessels not equipped with network equipment. It features an angle-adjustable camera, two fingerprint sensors and a mirror that allows passengers to check themselves before being photographed.


Many of the financial benefits of document management relate to making organizations more effective, improving project coordination, reducing time spent searching for or duplicating information, and improving the quality of decision making. However, there can also be benefits from improvements to the workflow process – speeding up document routing, shortening cycle-times, preventing delays and errors while improving customer satisfaction. Document management is most beneficial when it replaces paper-based document-driven processes.

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