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Since 1990, we have focused our efforts on understanding the pain and frustration that businesses feel in trying to efficiently capture Content in various forms and manage that Information across the enterprises. We have seen Information Capture and Content Management projects and strategies succeed and fail, and we have learnt many lessons implementing solutions for varying sizes of organizations.


Integrated Service

We focus our methodology and tool investment in areas which can make a tangible difference for our clients.


Multidimensional Approach.

We believe that our team offers the company a multidimensional approach to addressing your issues. We draw upon a combination of COSEKE,s experience in deployment of EDMS solutions and digitization projects.


Wealth of Experience

With the COSEKE experience in the implementation of Integrated ICT solutions across the region, we bring a wealth of experience and proven solutions to meet your requirements/needs. We therefore believe that we are the right partners to undertake this very important initiative as we understand and evaluate the issues and challenges that the organisation is facing more broadly and more deeply.This unique 360-degree perspective is what we call the COSEKE DIFFERENCE. By applying this approach, we provide greater value for the Organisation.


Uniquely Qualified

COSEKE is uniquely qualified to assist your organization with any project, due to our:

  • Extensive knowledge in ICT transformations, Data centre and Disaster Recovery Site;

  • Specializations in document imaging systems, automatic data capture solutions including OCR, ICR, BCR, etc.

  • Extensive knowledge of systems integration in general;

  • A focus on risk mitigation, especially with regards to vital records; where application of COM is added to the normal back up system.

  • Fair pricing with no surprises; and

  • Our large implementation Project Management capabilities, tools and methodology to deliver value